It’s that time of the year and cupid’s getting ready to launch his lovely arrows. V-day is near and if you are scrambling to get things planned for the special day this might be the place to look for ideas! Traditionally, this day sees a lot of flowers, chocolates and wines. While all of these are all time classy, aren’t they a bit cheesy? And not to forget businesses love making a truckload of money by selling expensive flowers and chocolates to people who are trying to put together last minute V-day dates. So we thought to ourselves, wouldn’t it be cool if we could come up with super creative ways to celebrate this day while having a whole lot of fun and not worrying about planning or expenses! If, by now, you are nodding your head excitedly then give yourself a big smile and look no further. Here is the list of simple yet unique ways of expressing your love for that special one with minimal or almost NO preparation time.

1. Camp out in your patio/garden

Get the gear ready, honey, we are camping in the patio! Get all cozy and comfy in the tent. You could do plenty in your patio, take the top down and watch the stars as you fall asleep, snuggle into a sleeping bag and watch a favorite movie, have long chats, the list is endless. Trust us, camping in your backyard can be an extremely delightful experience.

2. Surprise them with a handwritten love letter

Unleash your inner romantic and go all mushy. That’s right! Write them a love letter, a handwritten one. What would make it even more authentic is if you sneak it in the mailbox for them to find. Imagine the look on your partner’s face when they open it. Absolute awesomeness! ☺

3. Cook’em some love.

Absolutely works, every single time! Prepare a special home cooked meal for your partner. It works even better if it’s one of their favorite recipe that mommy made since their childhood. And you get extra points if you are the partner who doesn't cook that often. Trust us, however disastrous your cooking may be, it’s the attention to details and the sincere effort that will go a long way.

4. Flip a coin, Take a spontaneous road trip.

No planning, no reservations, just bare minimum necessities with you and off you two go. Everything as far as lodging and travel plan is concerned should be spontaneous. Carry sleeping bags, a tent, some healthy snacks and plenty of water with you so you can camp out at any campground along the way. Flip a coin to decide what direction you want to start driving and get going. Spontaneous road trips often lead to amazing surprises, fun experiences and meeting interesting people.

5. Put a romantic spin on an everyday chore

Add oodles of romance to your chores by doing something snazzy with your partner. For example if you need to clean up and organize the garage, you could leave clues to a ‘romantic treasure hunt’ leading up to a super awesome ‘prize’. The clues could be hidden all around the garage, especially in the messy parts you want cleaned up (genius, isn’t it!). To make it fair, each partner could have their own treasure hunt clues for the other one. That way you both end up cleaning the place ;)

6. Explore your neighborhood attractions as if you were a tourist

Go explore that beach, trail, park, whatever right next to where you stay. Isn’t there always some place so close to you that you’ve always wanted to check out but never got to do it. Now’s your chance! Turn it into a romantic couple’s activity. Each of you could pick one thing to do nearby which is a surprise for the other partner. Make it a day of surprises for each other with a refreshing take on your neighborhood.

7. Recreate a fun childhood memory

This can be a lot of fun. It may be something like recreating their first trip to Disneyland or to the zoo or whichever memory that has left a happy memory in your partner’s mind. Invite them to re-visit their memories and do stuff with them that made them giggle like that little girl or squeal like that little boy they once were. There’s nothing more romantic than having a partner that is eager to reflect back to them the memories that made a lasting impression.

8. Pretend to be on a first date

This sounds easy but can turn out to be extremely interesting. The more involved you two are in creating a ‘first date’ like feel the better it gets. One of our couple friends that did this actually went to the extent of staying apart the previous night of their date just to make it authentic! He picked her up the next day with flowers in one hand and treated her like a queen. They both loved it so much that now they plan on doing such ‘first dates’ every once in a while just to spice up their relationship. There! It works like a charm. As you two pretend to get to know each other you may realize that you are actually getting to know the other person more than you knew them before. This happens with couples who’ve been together for long. Over time you may start taking a few things for granted with each other and this pretend date is a good way to shake things a little.

9. Take 2 classes together

Why two? One for you and one for your partner. Pick one activity each, and go do both of those one after the other on the same day. So instead of arguing about a common activity to do you both get to do it your way, easy peasy!

10. Spread the love - Volunteer for kindred spirits

Last but not the least you may want to make this Valentine’s Day about more than just the two of you. Sometimes, in the middle of a hectic life, our vision narrows and we forget to see how truly blessed we have been with everything we have. Perhaps now is a good chance to spread this love. Maybe it’s your neighbor who needs a hand with his furniture or it’s the aged couple across the road that needs their dog walked, or just the busy professional who would truly appreciate you baby sitting their kids for just those few hours to connect with each other. Whoever the recipient of your kindness is, they will whole heartedly thank you for your sincere gesture. Who says kindness belongs only for the Holidays, spread the love on the day of love.

If any of our ideas got you excited, please do share your experiences with us in the comments section below or do write to us at We would love to hear from you and know more about your ideas. Have a great V-Day and lots of love to y’all.